The changing table issue

So, I am out to dinner with my little one when she turns bright red and grunts real loud (any parent knows what this means)! I go to the bathroom in the Bojangles that I am in and to my dismay there is NO changing table! Are you kidding me?!? Well, I decide that since there are loads of other businesses around I will go to another one, surely they will have a changing table… I head to the Walgreens across the street, go in with my now uncomfortable baby, into the restroom I fly. Only to be greeted with a HUGE bathroom with plenty of wall space but NO changing table!!! My frustration is beyond measurable! I then retreat to my car in the freezing cold and am forced to change my baby in my car, which is uncomfortable for both of us! Why is it that businesses with public restrooms are not required to have a changing table?! They have to accommodate handicapped people, but not the frazzled mother or father who can not control when their child has to go to the bathroom. It is just ridiculous! I think there should be some requirements in having a public restroom in your business…I really don’t think I’m asking for much!


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